4 thoughts on “‘Hand in Hand,’ George Strait & Friends Raise Millions for Harvey Relief

  1. It was a very good concert, altho Mr George didn’t seem like he was feeling well.
    He may have just been tired, he is on the go so much, anyway I hope and pray he is feeling better and gets some rest. We all love his music and him but he needs rest just like anyone else. He is such a talented and good man, I sure hope I get to meet him some time in the future, I have watched his career from the beginning and been to numerous concerts all over the country. Jut saw him in Vegas and at the Majestic it was a fun night. I sure hope to go to Tulsa and Austin also. Never can get enough of Mr George and his music.

    • Thanks to Mr George and friends for giving their time, to raise funds for the HandinHand , I’m sure the people that lost everything really appreciates how everyone came together from all over just too help them. An if they weren’t George Strait fans before I bet they are now, he does so much for a lot of people, GOD BLESS GEORGE STRAIT.

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