10 thoughts on “HDRC Approves One Project, Rejects Another in Dignowity Hill

      • Thanks for the link. That was a great presentation… but the house is going to be a corten corrugated box basically.. more in keeping with the industrial pics that are on the last page of the docs,,, not the adjacent homes. I don’t see how that was approved and the 3-flat not. Maybe the 3-flat was too nice for the neighborhood. The masonry, the vague Eastlake/Prairie Style design elements, and more substantial construction does seem out of place against most of the existing condition of the shanty shacks there now.

        HDRC is doing a great job of keeping Dignowity Hill preserved circa 1970s-80s. Sense of place is important.

  1. Michael Chapa brings up an interesting question regarding the Britt design and approval by HDRC. It definitely shows inconsistent and seemly subjective interpretations by the HDRC of new construction design guidelines for historic districts.

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