12 thoughts on “HDRC Calls for Taller Southtown Apartment Tower

  1. This decision is an absolutely ridiculous decision by the HDRC. As a city striving to become a world class city, we need to focus on building density as quickly as possible in the urban core, not worrying about obstructing views. I wonder if people care about obstructing views in NYC, Tokyo, or Seoul???? Once again, the HDRC has made a horrible decision that could force the construction process to take months longer then initially planned.

    • As a matter of fact, as an ex New Yorker, views in NYC are often a major consideration when properties are developed. That and air rights.

  2. The “iconic “ tower isn’t nice. It looks old and dingy so I am at a lost. However , I love how our city is finally wanting tall buildings

  3. The first paragraph of this story is coming lately misleading. The first three floors were the only aspects seeking approval. The remaining 9 at no point were rejected.

    HDRC board members voicing concerns and giving recommendations on an aspect of the building not even yet submitted for approval is not rejecting it.

    Iris, please correct that.

  4. World class cities plan and protect views. If San Antonio wants to have a distinctive and recognizable skyline, we will need to protect views of iconic buildings as we actively add density to downtown. We can protect important views like they have in New York City or we can have a blob of glass towers like they have in Omaha, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, and other unrecognizable city skylines. What good is density if there is nothing left to look at?

  5. What abject silliness. If we were so obsessed with so-called viewsheds, why was that monstrosity called the Grand Hyatt built in such a way that the Tower of the Americas is merely a visible stub of a tower from the north? With regards to this project in particular, it’s at least a half-mile away from the Tower Life building. C’mon HDRC folks. Stop picking your nits…

    • It’s all about perspective. From the west and east a slender tower around 15 to 20 stories in this location will actually add to the skyline. The north wouldn’t block anything. The south is the only concern. But there isn’t anything south of the site that’s worth a view anyways. I say build it and quite being so picky about what looks to be a nice addition to downtown.

  6. HDRC seems to be on a roll of opposing great projects and approving ridiculous projects like the HEB pedestrian bridge that does nothing to improve pedestrian safety for anyone except for people that park in the garage – big waste of money and resources. way to go HDRC.

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