8 thoughts on “HDRC Grants Conceptual Approval to River Walk Luxury Apartments

  1. Is it really possible to move the limestone house at 819 Augusta? Where are they proposing to move it?
    — One other question about that neighborhood: What are the plans for the two towers on Ave B and Brooklyn (across from Pete’s Tako)?
    I see they are being stripped. Will they be renovated or is demolition proposed? What are the plans?

  2. That design looks so out of place – it really distracts from the historic features of our town. They need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

    • I couldn’t agree more that this looks entirely out of place. We’ve recently stripped that sort of facade design from an old bldg and now we’re going back decades with this, but not enough decades to make it fit in. Horrible!

  3. The design does not complement the river walk or any of the historical buildings . This is San Antonio , new buildings should add to the ambience of the city not create discord.

  4. Ah yes, this project really detracts from the ambience of the payday loanshark and quick mart that occupy the current buildings. That’s what we really need, more of those!

    Have any of you actually left San Antonio? Hey geniuses, there’s this thing called progress. It happens with design and architecture as well. Grab a book. Become enlightened. Or don’t, and gripe that not everything looks like it did in 1920.

    This project should fit it perfectly on the Riverwalk. Instead of your beloved payday loan store, there’s going to be a restaurant both on Commerce and the river side of the building. Think of all the foot traffic that will add to Commerce. It will also add a bunch of residents living right on the Riverwalk—more people living in that liveliness and atmosphere whose honor you apparently need to defend.

    If we ever want to move forward as a city, we need more projects like this, not fewer.

  5. Aaron’s misplaced and snippy comment aside…is the concept seen above the newer version cited by the dissenting voice (SA Conservation) or the previous concept? I would like to see the plans in more detail. Yes, there is progress, but not at the cost of unaffordable housing and quite frankly, ugly facade. Just because the current occupying building is not pleasing to the eye, doesn’t mean it should be a free for allon architecture. Progress indicates there is thinking and discussions involved in keeping the spirit of downtown, which seems to be old meets new in that there isn’t a great disparity between the two. I think they need to rethink the design, surely they hired a competent architect that is up to the challenge.

  6. The design is welcome in my opinion. SA cannot move forward if it cannot accept a new facade from time to time. Many of the greatest cities have plenty of old corresponding with new. I think they should rethink how the street level interacts with the surroundings but aside from that, it’s great.

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