2 thoughts on “Hardberger Park Land Bridge Gets Conceptual Approval from HDRC

  1. The PHP Conservancy is raising $10M total to help fund the project. The Land Bridge design and attention to functional is extraordinary. From the water catchment system to the wildlife viewing areas to the emphasis on restoring natural environment after construction, the project planning is first rate. I applaud the vision of the PHPC and all the voters who said yes to transforming our city in yet another meaningful way.

  2. A dog crossing so that the yuppies don’t have to walk two blocks to cross…….soooo 1 percent!……..and Phil says the usual “world class” term as do so many SA wantabees…….why do we alwaiys cater to former Mayors like wanting to tear down the Institute of Texan Cultures for a minor league ballpark when they can’t even fill the current Wolff stadiuj on the Southside…….will we ” become a ‘City on the rise when our skyline is a joke and shows how poor we really are…….calling a university “top tier”……..when it isn’t…….come on and be realistic and look what it going to happen in a few short uears: Austin and Fort Worth/Tarrent County will both pass San Antonio…….enough is enough!

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