5 thoughts on “Hemisfair Prepares for Civic Park Groundbreaking, Tower Park Plan in 2019

  1. “There’s not a market for this.”


    I’m confused. I’ve been led to believe by all and sundry that San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, with a thriving downtown and a “growing tech district.” We’ve got tons of highly-skilled people dying to move here, right?

    Surely these factors would mean that the market does indeed exist for developments such as these, and then some!

    Right? …. right?

    Or: the reality is that all the PR is BS and we are, indeed, a city that is, on the whole, poorer, less educated, and (far) less dense than pretty much any other city in the country. Hence why there’s hardly a market at all for this.

    Not to mention the fact that our so-called tech force is ranked 47th out of 50 major US cities (and falling), only better than Jacksonville and Richmond:


    Time to face up to facts.

  2. I think your second comment is correct. We have delusional politicians who serve BS PR but the reality is that our kids are leaving for better cities and situations that SA cannot offer. Maybe UTSA’s plan for downtown can change alot but only time will tell. That could be a while because things move so slowly here. Design, approval and construction here takes a lifetime. It’s a joke. Sorry SA.

  3. San Antonio may not have a large tech force concentrated in the downtown core, but that doesn’t discount the city’s national importance as a cyber security hub. There are over 1,000 private cyber security tech firms in the city alongside the plethora of military intelligence institutions makes this city a tech hub in its own right. If San Antonio’s tech industry were ranked for economic output for instance contribution towards annual GDP it would rank much more favorably on any list. I applaud the city’s efforts in creating a tech district downtown and building on the strengths we currently have. The creation has to start somewhere.

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