2 thoughts on “Hemisfair Seeks Public Input on Plans for New Tower Park

  1. The city is really good at checking the box like this. In the end, a well compensated consulting / design firm will unveil their vision for the site. Little if any public asks will be included.

  2. lol notice how they are Hemisfair, and not Hemisfair Park any more? That’s because Hemisfair is no longer a park, it is a mixed use development with less than 50% dedicated to green space (Fact check: see their master plan available online). Did they seek public input before putting a parking garage in the middle of Hemisfair? I can’t imagine they did.

    Also, Troy makes a good point in that this is probably all about checking boxes than actually including any public input.

    Another thing about Hemisfair, it’s funny how a $165 development contract was awarded to a partnership between Zachry Hospitality & the NRP Group, when David Zachry, CEO & Chairman of Zachry Hospitality was on the original Board of Directors of HPARC.
    Read that again: the City awarded a development contract to a Company who’s CEO was on the original board of directors of HPARC
    Lol sounds like a totally fair bid process

    (HPARC – Hemisfair Area Redevelopment Corporation, the organization created by the City to oversee Hemisfair’s development).

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