16 thoughts on “Rivard: Hillary’s VP List and the Castro Candidacy

  1. Castro would be a poor choice this year. As you said, he can’t deliver Texas. Furthermore, he is still too inexperienced to be first-in-line should something happen to the President; he would benefit from Hillary putting him in a more important Cabinet position than he has now.

    And, strangely as it might sound to us locally, it will become a major headline and problem of concern for voters once national headlines predict that he will likely let his brother stand in for him at times as he did on the River Parade float years ago. (That was a mistake that will haunt Castro anytime he considers running for elected positions at a national level, especially with his brother being in Washington, too.)

  2. yay, finally a political article on RR 🙂 As a staunch Bernie supporter, I still try not to think of a Clinton presidency haha. With that said, if she does get the nomination, I strongly feel that she needs to select Elizabeth Warren , if not Sanders himself in order to keep a large number of his supporters (young and Independents)

    However, I do love Castro and his work here in my hometown of San Antonio. So, I personally wouldn’t be incredibly upset if he is selected.

  3. A funny thing happened on the way to the dance. Castro left San Antonio high and dry in the anticipation of landing the VP nomination. Meanwhile, the Democrats found their voice with a more populist, working class agenda–witness Bernie Sanders. In contrast, Castro now sounds like Hillary: careful, cautious, calculating. Politically ambitious seemingly without any real core beliefs or genuine vision. A resume-building pol.

    I predict Hillary will pick Sherrod Brown, a roll-up-your-sleeves, old-style Democrat who is pro-union and anti-Nafta. He also voted against the disastrous Iraq War. Icing on the cake: he is from the pivotal swing state of Ohio.

  4. There’s no way she’ll tap Warren. Warren is far, far more effective on the committees and making the actual legislation than she ever would be as VP.

    Castro won’t bring her Texas. Nobody will bring her Texas until the Democrats get their asses to the polls for *every* election, not just the nationals, and undo the district-drawing damage that’s been done.

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