3 thoughts on “‘Holistic Approach’ to Homelessness Making Strides

  1. I hope readers find the critical message in this article. Homeless people, by definition need an apartment to live in. For readers concerned with what homeless people need, and who also like cost effective solutions, consider that rapid housing assistance for people on the brink of homelessness and permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless people costs taxpayers less than continually sheltering, engaging, arresting, and serving homeless people. Scarce resources should be prioritized more than they are now for housing. “Housing First” has been embraced by all major cities over the last couple decades. SA does a little “housing first,” but not really Let’s join the 21st century, or at least the 90’s. Housing First!!!

  2. Haven for Hope likes to coin the term for their services as Housing First, but I would call it Housing Readiness. They like to have their clients ‘housing ready’ prior to housing them. Housing First is placing homeless directly into housing regardless of their barriers (i.e. substance abuse, mental illness, etc.)

    Housing first has been proven time and time again as cost efficient and effective, saving cities millions and reducing recidivism of homelessness. You don’t even need to develop/build permanent supportive housing to do housing first initiatives. You can do landlord outreach and incentives to house people along with intensive case management services.

    Housing readiness prior to housing the chronically homeless costs more and lengthens the time someone is without a home. Tax Payers provide funding for Haven for Hope through city and federal dollars, we should be encouraging them to pick up 21st century best practices like housing first.

    • Dawn,
      You are spot on! A grassroots group of concerned neighborhood citizens wanting to help do something about homelessness have suggested we initiate “Haven Satellites” in each District based on population need. Haven administrators have allegedly refused to consider having a hub, spoke and wheel approach, and your insight tells us why. They provide temporary housing with an associated “readiness” program, not “housing first,” THEN education and assistance. Therefore, we challenge each District to find a location to provide “housing first” for our citizens who are on the street, for whatever reason. If we can get them into a stable housing location, then work on substance addictions and employment, we will also impact their availability to the human traffickers now using them to panhandle for profit.

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