6 thoughts on “Hospital Officials, Descendant Groups Discuss Plans for Uncovered Human Remains

  1. Thank you Ms. Garcia and the Rivard Report for this covering this story. What an unfortunate situation this is. It’s good that there is now an open dialogue happening with the concerned parties, but I think the hospital system needs to stop patting themselves on the back for the legal notices they posted. Right. Thanks for performing your minimum legal requirement.

    Additionally, all involved need to stop perpetuating the myth that the remains of 3000 people were moved to another cemetery in a 24-hour period. Forget that that is not even reasonable. The evidence just isn’t there. There is nothing that can be done now to right that wrong, but moving forward the only thing to do is to leave the recently discovered remains alone.

    I think because these graves are so old that it’s easy for folks to dismiss them, but like many thousands of San Antonio residents, I have ancestors who were buried at the Campo Santo. Two of them were a married couple, Jose Manuel Granados and Maria Josefa Perez. Jose Manuel was the son of Pedro Granado, who arrived in San Antonio from the Canary Islands as a child in 1731. These were real people who contributed greatly to the city we love today. They, and all the others who are there with them, deserve our respect. And so do their descendants.

  2. This is NOT news and hospital officials should be ashamed of themselves for acting like it is, or being unaware of the past history. In 1899, the Light reported a large quantity of human bones had been uncovered during the plowing and grading of West Houston Street near Santa Rosa Hospital.

    In 1935, The Express-News had a story on the history of the old Catholic cemetery at Santa Rosa, and the adjacent City cemetery at Milam Park, with the comment that “time pushed aside all the little mounds of earth and in their place stood macademized Houston Street, Milam Park, and later, the Market House.”

    In 1999, The Center for Archaeological Research at UTSA (ASR276) included a detail history as well as drawings.

    There is no excuse for the hospital to be unaware of the situation.

  3. Like always people do not even try to know the full history of ALL the past people’s in Texas . The Anglos for the most part only care when their ancestors arrived…late, like always.

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