House Hunting? Here’s How to Find a REALTOR® to Help

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Summer is upon us, and the San Antonio area housing market is hotter than ever. We continue to see more and more people jumping in to either find their new home or sell their current one. For those who are taking advantage of this busy market, it’s an exciting time, and you will have a lot of options to consider. However, your first step should be to find a San Antonio area REALTOR® who understands the market and can help you reach your goals.

You may already have a REALTOR® you have worked with before that you can rely on, again, when you are looking to buy or sell. For those just starting out, we have more than 10,000 REALTORS® serving the San Antonio and surrounding areas, meaning there are a lot of options when it comes to finding the one who is right for you. Keep in mind that buying and selling involves contracts and negotiations as well as frequent communication. So, it is important you find the person that works well with your personality and expectations.

Finding a REALTOR®

Similar to being in the market for a new car, it’s a good idea to shop around when you are looking for a REALTOR® to represent you. is a great resource to search for REALTORS® by location, their specialties, and whether they represent buyers or sellers.

While you may be comfortable with the very first agent you talk to, it never hurts to consider several before making a choice. Selling your home, especially your first home, can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the process. Alternatively, buying a house, whether it is your first or your tenth, is an emotional and large purchase. Take the time to interview multiple REALTORS® to determine who is the best fit for you.

When meeting with prospective REALTORS®, feel free to ask them questions about their experience and familiarity with the market while you are shopping around.

Here are some questions you might consider asking:

  • How many years have you been in the business?
  • Do you have any special designations or areas of expertise?
  • What type of marketing tactics do you typically use to sell a home?
  • On average, how long have houses you are selling been on the market?
  • Do you have experience selling in my market?

Remember, you are not bound to one REALTOR® until you sign an agreement.

As you search for a REALTOR®, consider asking the people closest to you. Has anyone you know – friends, family members, or coworkers – sold their home recently or purchased a new one? Did they work with a REALTOR® they would recommend? Reputation is important in the real estate industry, and what better way to know the reputation of a REALTOR® than to ask someone who has worked with him or her?

Additional Tactics to Employ

You can also go one step further and ask the REALTOR® for a list of references. Call the names listed, and ask the former clients what their experience was like. Did they feel pressured, or was the process smooth? Was the REALTOR® available when they had questions? Of course, previous clients will have a unique experience, but they can offer general comments on the REALTOR®’s efforts.

Another consideration is agent-client communication, which is vital to a successful transaction for all parties. You will likely spend a lot of time with your REALTOR®, so it's important that you find one you are comfortable with and who is responsive to your needs. Just like in any relationship, communication is critical to make sure you are kept up-to-date, and your questions are answered.

Determine your preferred communication method and share this with prospective REALTORS®. Would you rather use e-mails, text messages, or phone calls? Whatever you prefer, it’s important that you communicate this preference, to find a REALTOR® who meets that need.

Remember, explain what your expectations are up front, and you will find a REALTOR® who will help you achieve your buying and selling goals.

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