7 thoughts on “How Texas Spends Its Money. How Texas Gets Its Money. Why It Doesn’t Add Up.

  1. Looks like you are presenting material to support an argument against what your article is debating for. So, Texas is getting as much of its money back from the Federal Government as it can (where do you think the Federal government gets “its” money), and then putting that money into a rainy day fund until it reaches its maximum allowable limit at which point it will then start using surplus to fund projects that will improve the state? Do I understand that correctly?
    This means that Texas is being fiscally responsible as opposed to all the other states which you show are spending beyond their means and saving till a point when we have such a large surplus that we can safely fund more and more public services from the windfall we are receiving from energy resources so that when those resources stop producing we aren’t caught with our pants down. Since you have shown this is the case, you have successfully and fully convinced this reader that what Texas is doing is responsibly opposite of the rest of the crazy rob Peter to pay Paul world.
    You also go on to state that the percent of personal income spent on taxes has fallen. Your statement implies that you have no faith in the people to spend their money responsibly. Are you saying that Texans would spend with less effectiveness and efficiency on their education and medical care than government can? I could find this offensive, but really, I simply find it naive. Have you ever met government, or given it $20 to purchase ten pounds of staples only to have them come back with one half eaten ice cream cone? This also implies that you believe that Texans cannot be trusted to love their neighbor when their neighbor needs help. I am not sure about your community, but my community helps each other out all the time with at least two benefits a month occurring at both the business across the street from my house, and at the VFW down at the end of the street. Not to mention one food pantry privately run two streets down, and numerous churches with local donations to feed countless families. And that money goes directly to people with cancer, those needing food, and widows among others directly; with no bureaucracy or wait time in between those dollars and their supported community member.
    You say that, “If over the last 20 years state and local taxes had been able to keep up with personal income, the Legislature would have had tens of billions of additional dollars to invest in the state’s future.” Sounds to me like Texans had tens of billions of dollars to invest in their future, perhaps some of them even going so far as to create businesses that will be able to provide jobs and taxes for years to come; when government spends our money, that’s the end of the line for that dollar most times.
    I will agree with you that Texas’ taxes are regressive as hell, and that needs to change. And I will also agree with you that property taxes have become way beyond what they should be. How can anyone honestly say that there is a such thing as property ownership in this state? In reality, we all are simply renting our land from the state. Try not paying your yearly “rent” to the state and see how much you “own” your land. Debra Medina is the only person run for office that I’ve seen has a real plan to end property taxes in Texas and still fund what we need funded.
    I think you should stick with the issue of Texas’ regressive tax system if you want to successfully have the majority of Texas voters side with you in finding the additional revenue you think we need. Your argument of taxing more and being fiscally irresponsible may not be the way to get people to join your way of thinking. In addition, it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that simply increasing spending on education does not give a community a better education. It does to a certain point, but we are well past that point. At least in Texas as opposed to most other states, we own our public lands and get all of the oil revenue from those lands put into our Permanent University Fund.

    • This is a conservative state that hates the fed govt yet doesn’t have a problem taking money from it. Its like the child who hates his parents but loves the money he gets from them. Can’t have it both ways; be consistent. Either be decent to the feds and accept money from them or criticize the fed govt and decline all funding from them, if they can. Frankly I think all the ultra conservative states which dislike the govt in general should band together and decline all fed money. They can then proudly call themselves the Southern (but broke) States.

      • Ron, guess you missed the part where he asked where the Fed Gov gets “its” money. Texas has no problem “taking” the money because it was ours to begin with. In fact, federal taxes could be lowered substantially if they only spent the money on core services like defense. Looks like you have a bit of reading to do as your understanding of taxation is lacking.

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