3 thoughts on “In Wimberley, a Fight Bubbles Up Over Sewage and a Beloved Swimming Hole

  1. Mac McCullough is not a current Wimberley city council member. Mike McCullough (no relation) currently serves on city council.

  2. I just now read this article, although I have been involved in the Wimberley wastewater mess for years now.

    You completely misrepresented Mr. Laughman’s letter in the body of the text. He himself said, “I am not of the opinion that a fight is the right way to go. I plan to continue to remain on the sidelines and attempt to be a good neighbor and attempt to provide whatever service the City deems appropriate.”

    He mentioned just before that that others in his company wanted to “fight agressively” to get the Wimberley project.

    I am no fan of Mr. Laughman, or Aqua Texas, but you misrepresented his position.

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