4 thoughts on “Inspired by Austin, Local Developer Eyes ‘Parklet’ Downtown

  1. In the stories I’ve read about this project, not a single one asks the question about who is paying the city for forfeiting the parking spaces and the right-of-way. Normally, the COSA has to abandon a parcel and collect a fee or in-kind payment in public view. An ordinance goes to council for a vote containing all the terms.

    I know it’s only a few spaces of commercial parking but with businesses on Losoya complaining about losing beer truck spaces, this seems like a good question to ask. Not to mention that there used to be a bike rack right up against the bump out closest to Houston St. The Hilton hotel contractors removed that to park their own vehicles when construction started on that.

    I can only guess that people are so used to developers taking right-of-way, closing lanes of traffic for extended periods of time and blocking access without paying a dime of fees as part of their incentive packages.

  2. Parklets are an idea whose time has come. Should interface well with e-scooter & bike share. 8 parking slots don’t provide that much income for the city anyhow. I do agree that bike racks should be restored

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