9 thoughts on “Jesse Treviño: ‘Synonymous with San Antonio’

  1. Yes, thank you. I am fairly new to San Antonio and had not yet made the connection to who was the artist behind a lot of my favorite public art in town! Incredible art and incredible story! I will be definitely being creating my own mini tour of Treviño’s murals about town very soon!

  2. Great story, Jesse was always always a national talent. I enjoyed our four years as friends at Fox Tech High School. Our commercial art class teacher, Mrs Alsup, was extremely proud of his fantastic talent.

  3. Jesse, you are trully an inspiration to all of us ,I Thank you from the bottom of my heart you are trully my Hero. I worked with your Bro. Mario at Kelly AFB and your sisters worked with in my parents business on E. Commerce before they got married ,they were all like my big sisters to me . Jesse ,I totally have the greatest respect in the World for you and all your accomplishments in this World ,may God Bless you and your family always . Gene M.Gloria

  4. Thank you so much . I love Jessie’s art so much. It’s amazing what he’s been through and how he brought Chicano art to the limelight.

  5. My mother would throw my paintings and drawings away when I was a small child. She believed it was a waste of time and took away Time from education. Nothing was further from the truth. I never gave up my skills as an artist, but life has been very difficult for me as I am hit hard with medical obstacles that limit my ability to express my artwork. I sing, sketch, paint, play the piano by ear, and dance to music I make and choreographed. The only problem is the world does not know what I can do yet. I don’t know if anyone will. I am hoping one day I get the chance to change a person’s perspective of life through art or music. Without it I am lost. By hiding it I am hiding myself. What can I do now to get noticed as I am in my fourties and I feel life in the arts has passed me by. I am not whole without it.

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