5 thoughts on “Julián Castro to ‘Get Out the Vote’ for Nirenberg’s Campaign

  1. Can someone cite a source where Taylor herself identifies as a Democrat? Preferably a video, but any direct quote would work.

    I am so sick of Taylor playing coy with her political affiliation. She wants to have it both ways. She does nothing to correct members of the media who refer to her as a Democrat because it has historically been easier to get elected on the Eastside specifically and San Antonio more broadly. Yet her campaign includes staffers from Republican Will Hurd’s campaign. She has been supported by San Antonio-based Cambridge Analytica who helped elect Trump.

    I know city elections are nonpartisan, but I fundamentally cannot support Ivy Taylor. Party ID itself is not the issue; I need a mayor who can take a position and own it. If she can’t even be honest about which party she supports, why should I believe anything else she says?

  2. Andy I thought this election is non-partisan so why is it important? My concerns is the issues affecting our community.

    I have a friend that lives in District 8 and is very upset with Ron not supporting the community to stop a apartment development in their area.

    I have a problem with a issue his pushing to open our taxi industry to unlimited taxicabs.
    The industry has always had control taxi growth with a formula of 1700 in population to 1 taxicab. The majority of the industry supports the exist formula growth process. Ron has disregarded our profession opinions.

    This change in the city code would davaste 1500 cabdrivers jobs and 24 taxicab services, 23 being mom and pop services.
    Our industry has already lost
    50% of our market to Uber and Lyft services that Ron Nirenberg vigorously supported with little to no regulation. Now he’s doing this to us. We suspect to give us the final blow and give the rest of our market share to Uber and Lyft. That is the Ron Nirenberg we know.

    • As I said in my original comment, which party Mayor Taylor considers herself to be part of is not the issue. She could be a Republican for all I care. The deeper issue is trust. She tries to have it both ways all the time on every issue. She has no beliefs and just says whatever she thinks will get her elected, and that speaks to her fundamental character.

      I don’t support all of Nirenberg’s stances on the issues, but I trust that he is making policy from a place of conviction. He stands for what he believes in, even if it isn’t the most popular position to take. I respect that and I need to see that in anyone that I give my vote to.

  3. Everyone who is concerned about Alamo Plaza’s future should support Nirenberg, by vote and/or donation. At Thursday’s Alamo meeting, he said “Take down those walls…part of [the plaza’s] history is being available and open to the public.” He told me “The amendment language that we supported was drafted from that 1871 deed restriction. The plan moved forward today, but a strong message was sent with regard to keeping the plaza public. I will continue to ensure that.”

    • I read his statement as well. I leaned towards Mayor Taylor, even though I disagree with her stance and vote back in the day on the SA NDO, and her recent “broken-from-their-Creator people” view (although, as in any political arena, the full context of the event where she spoke got left out, and so was boiled down to a bumper-sticker)
      I will have to review Nirenberg’s other stances. I support my Councilwoman Sandoval if she decides to spearhead a full cent tax for VIA, just like our big brother-sister Texas cities, and Councilman Nirenberg would get my vote this time for that stance. Thanks for your comment, Sarah, be well.

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