6 thoughts on “Nirenberg Elected Mayor of San Antonio

  1. Agree with Mark. I don’t know how I’d stay so in the loop without y’all.
    Thorough, informative, non-partisan reporting that forcuses on substance rather than headlines/click bait.

  2. Thank you Ivy for your service. Sorry that your CHOICE OF A RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEM wouldn’t allow you to embrace and accept those American voting citizens who might be impoverished or GLBT for reasons other than “a lack of faith.”
    You showed no “faith” in us – we returned the favor.

  3. Election winners included mcluded mayors Castro and Hardberger, the Institute of Texan Cultures and the Texas Folklife Festival (because Taylor supported destroying the building for a “minor” league baseball team), and VIA riders who might not have to wait 2 hours for a bus to get to their destination.

    Election losers included Taylor and Ernesto Ancira(campaign manager), Kevin and Nelson Wolff, Leticia Van De Putte (who always loses or backs losers), the Express-News who backed Taylor and most of the politicians they endorsed in council races( goes to show you how out of touch the editorial board of the paper is today) and the Police Officers union which endorsed and funded Taylor(althouth most them could mopt vote because they live outside of the city.

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