3 thoughts on “Just in Case: San Antonio Prepared for Ebola

  1. Very sad that in San Antonio children are being refused at doctors office if they have a relative from Africa — yes, the question is on the intake forms. Fear at its worst.

  2. Angie,

    What happens when the question is answered yes? This should be a question on any intake forms, as it does raise a red flag if a person is ill. Having a relative from West Africa here in San Antonio could imply potential association with an infected person. While that is unlikely, given the heightened awareness, it is not unreasonable to ask that question.

    Now, if the child is then refused to be seen or isn’t referred to a hospital immediately, then that is a problem. Indeed, a “yes” would mean more precautions taken.

    It’s not entirely clear from your comment if they’re actually being refused or just asked the question, or if they are being re-directed to a hospital because a doctor’s office does not have the facilities for isolation. If they are being flat out refused, then please contact the health department so they can intervene with the provider. No ill person should be sent away unless it’s to be redirected to a hospital facility.

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