10 thoughts on “Just This #10: Parscale vs. Nirenberg

  1. No matter what RNC in San Antonio equals Rivard Report clicks for days!

    Never listened to “Just This”, but this subject brought me here fast.

    Imagine your site traffic in the weeks leading up, during, and immediately afterwards…holy moly

  2. Can I say this safely? Too many Republicans already want to deport a significant number of the residents of living here. Why would we invite more of them here?

  3. What are the odds that the current RNC will have a convention in a city that didn’t carry them in the last presidential election? I think pretty slim. Why waste the money chasing something that won’t happen.

  4. First time I tune in, well balanced discussion.
    Funny side note: Beth mistakenly calls Sculley, the mayor. At 10:19. Priceless !

  5. I read on another site that the reason Parscale is getting so forceful is that other cities (which the RNC would prefer) are not working on bids with any sense of committment. I don’t know if this is true, but I am searching other news sites for any confirmation.

  6. I’d just like to comment that I’d really enjoy a longer version of your weekly podcast because I enjoy it so much.

    Maybe a local figure …council member, community leader, developer, someone involved in the current hot topic…guest every now and then would be fun? Just saying as a listener I’d donate for that.

    Thank you!

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