9 thoughts on “Just This #11: How City Council Ducked a Public Debate on Whether to Bid to Host the 2020 GOP Convention

  1. San Antonio would not have been chosen. Not enough direct flights, meeting rooms, or high quality hotel rooms.

    • There is a quote that say (from nothing, come nothing).
      San Antonio should have placed a bid, even if San Antonio did not win the bid it would be learning curve for future conventions.

  2. Just listened to your podcast. Why on earth would you spend time trying to embarrass our public officials? There’s enough of that at the national level (in fact, a super bad soap opera). A “robust debate” attacking our local elected officials seems a trivial and unproductive way to promote your Report.

    There are so many other important issues facing this city and getting aggressive about reporting on those would be more productive, unless you cannot due to ‘your’ leadership/ownership.

  3. I am going to be curious to see if any other city bids for the RNC and, if so, if it is only under the type of pressure tactics applied to San Antonio. So far, it looks as if Charlotte is the only city that has made a bid and is interested. Houston and Dallas both decided not to bid. The deadline for applications was extended by the RNC before the courting of San Antonio began. My guess is that they are lucky to have the Charlotte bid (and happy also since it is a hub for American Airlines) and that the push to get San Antonio to bid was an effort to avoid the embarrassment of having only Charlotte wanting to host them.

    • Dansk Tex, the embarrassment would be San Antonio’s. Just imagine all those convention goers seeing all the trash and debris on the streets and highways, poorly maintained road, inadequate air port and over priced air fare.
      Maybe that is why Ron did not want to place a bid?

  4. I agree, it is a wonder I live in this city. Why o Why, do those thousands of shepeople come here to learn and have a good time? It is truly beyond my comprehension.

    Oh well, I guess that is my fate as a deplorable!

  5. You are right, Robert. I didnt know BIG San Antonio equated to BIG government! I sure hope we can remain small, not enough direct flights, meeting rooms, and high quality hotel rooms. But, have no fear, under the BIG government Crsytal City mentality, by 2024 Presidential election, San Antonio will be able to offer FREE meeting rooms and hotel rooms utilizing all the high end condos being constructed downtown for a DEMOCRATIC Convention! This crazy boon will be more likely high vacancy due to no one being able to afford them! Even Sheryl Sculley will be gone by then, no longer living in her high end downtown hi rise, she’ll be off on a beach sipping margaritas, relaxing, and reminiscing on all the money she made from all those SA Suckupers. Or another thought- maybe a better use for the vacant condos will be for free handouts and housing to the ILLEGAL “mexican” immigrants; This is really the heart and root of cause to deny a Republican Convention! Too many liberals making decisions without public vote…. and the mayor – can’t wait til next election. Go Brockhouse or someone with common sense and conservative capitalistic ideals

  6. San Antonio is becoming anti-business, anti-prosperity, anti-diversity, anti-free speech, punitive property taxes, a majority on the city council openly racist, this doesn’t bode well for this wonderful city’s future.

  7. Well, they are listening to me….thwir constituent who does not want it here. I agree with the mayor. I wouldnt want the DNC here either.

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