3 thoughts on “Just This #13: The Story of the Woman Who Took on Bryce Milligan

  1. Your followup to this story should include when and where in San Antonio schools Mr. Milligan taught after his resignation in 2002.

  2. Your fu story should include what consequences the NE school officials will experience for allowing him to leave employment with the ability to inflict himself on other students in other districts.

  3. Catherine I could be wrong but he didnt teach anywhere else? He did however teach workshops in schools. Its on his website I think. Significantly his time at NESA is left out. Thank you Beth and Rick for adding to the coverage of this “serial muse-gatherer”, even if it causes me to take multiple showers. All of us in the arts community should continue to speak out in support of young women like Hailey ( and others now coming forward) and in condemnation of Milligan’s actions.

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