One thought on “Just This #14: Pioneering Winners, Low Voter Turnout Mark the Runoffs

  1. I get confused about equal representation based upon identity category. Why does it matter that if we have 13% black population that we MUST have 13% of our representation be black, or the same thing for the 39% of Hispanics. To me that just sound so backwards of progressive thinking. You’re categorizing and highlighting something as important along those exact superficial lines we are all trying to steer away from.

    Is that supposed to be some sort of an admission that in order to secure interests for Mexican Americans that at least the exact percent representation should reflect the population? Is that really a good metric?

    I’m a white male and I have no problem about the “first Latina” or “first Black woman” or “LGBTQ”. Power to those people. Seriously great for them. I won’t loose any sleep over this. Did you think it would have every straight white male weeping to themselves in the night? I really don’t care what you look like as long as you make some sense. It seems kind of racist/sexist/just plain backwards that it is so important to everyone to hit these numbers. It’s that kind of talk that makes me hate the democrats. Seriously.

    It is the same thing that confuses me with equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome.

    Using exact numbers in the total population as a metric does not mean you will equally represent the views and beliefs of your population, but just superficial things like race, sexual orientation, and gender. To me those aren’t as important as what you stand for. Unless you are somehow being racist or sexist by suggesting that if you are of a certain race you will think a certain way? Therefore only YOU can represent this group or that group fairly. Why? Because you match the color of their skin? Or if you are a woman you will think specifically one way? Does no one else see the blatant trap in this line of thinking?

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