6 thoughts on “Just This #8: Can ConnectSA Solve San Antonio’s Future Traffic Snarls?

  1. While I understand the need to hear the voices from all constituencies – why another non-profit to accomplish this ? Where is the funding coming from for staff and overhead ?

    • Beth, I recommend that our local governments form a committee to answer your question. Just kiddin’ of course. The answer I believe has to do with optics to make it look like Ron and Nelson are taking action that will result in a positive outcome for the community. We really do not need a new non-profit to address mass transit and transportation. We need to start with a vision and common sense like mass transit to take people form where they live to where they work and to take tourists from where they lodge to where they visit. Also, encouraging developers to take mass transit into account in the design phase will help. How strange is it that if one wants to shop at the Rim, the design promotes hoping in your car and driving from store to store?

  2. We should keep very watchful eyes on anything Henry Cisneros is involved with……… hmm, let’s see as Mayor he gave us the Alamodome dialing for $$$ to this day and major scandal of mistress and giving her money. As HUD secretary he had to step down due to his lying about money to this same “former” mistress during background check for his worthiness to be sworn in. Poor Mary Alice. Poor San Antonio, are we going to just be blind to his less than stellar record and his lying and continue to let him be a part of our City’s future? Of course, he was pardoned by the Clintons, ha! … from the same mold came the Castro twins and now Ron Nirenberg. If you dont remember him as Mayor anf HUD secretary, do a little research on his background!

    • … hmmm, painting with broad brushstrokes aren’t we, Jmf? Why not just say, “be wary of politicians and their motives”, and insist on transparency and accountability when the plan and its proposed actions-list come around.

  3. Jonathan, took the words right out of my mouth, sorry, I was trying to be politically correct, didn’t want to offend anyone, and trying so hard to get along with everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

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