2 thoughts on “Just This #7: Few Seats At The Table For Female School Superintendents

  1. People should in general think in terms of qualifications. I feel we as a race of people need to look at the job at hand and stop looking at color, male, female, and age. We judge people the second we meet them. And we can blame that on the privileged of the who knows who. We are all in spirit the same but the public is blinded by what we are taught from the day we are born. This will not change until we pull away from social media, TV, crappy food, etc. and get back to the basic values of living in truth. I am talking about creative living. Change starts when we are tired of hearing the same negative words after another YouTube, Tedtalks provides more ideas and fresh approach to change; take what you want and trash the rest. Wake-up. It’s called freedom.

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