9 thoughts on “Just This #1: Uresti, Edgewood, and a Primo Land Deal

  1. A terrific addition to the RR! Thank you Beth and Rick and those behind the scenes involved in determine this is an excellent way to be up close to SA news.

  2. Loved it; great way to deliver your reporting.

    On the technical side, I don’t always have time to do the whole thing at one sitting, and would like to be able to quickly get to each report without having to start and stop while looking. Thanks!

  3. I hope y’all bring in guests soon, to pepper her or him with questions and the same insightful commentary. This could extend the podcast to a full and nutritious 25 to 28 minutes, along the desired line of a PBS Newshour weekend broadcast.

    Thank you Beth, thank you RivardReport, for bringing Rick Casey onboard. I enjoyed the back ‘n’ forth, with Rick bringing his institutional-memories in play. Very satisfying, and I look forward to the next soundbite(s).

  4. This is exactly the kind of conversation that I’ve been looking for regarding San Antonio. Topics I’m interested in:
    The Tricentennial and why there has been so many issues behind the scenes.
    The history of San Antonio’s water infrastructure and where that leaves us today + anyone from the SAWS board to talk shop!
    The Witte! So much transformation in the last few years, maybe getting the CEO to talk.
    As you can tell I’m excited about this podcast. Thank you!

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