2 thoughts on “Just This with Rick Casey #15: The New Battle of the Alamo

  1. What a great interview, I really found ir yo be esther enjoyable and thought provoking regarding the Álamo.

    I am largely in favor of this new draft and absolutely love the additional pedestrian space that is not common to see within a city in the United States. I believe as we revive our Urban core we really should pay attention yo just how integral and influencial our público spaces can be into creating a unique space. Bien hecho!

  2. Clarification: The Alamo footprint which will be a new outdoor museum, will be open to the public at all times. During museum hours, 8-5 PM there will be a large public entrance thru the museum entrance where all people can freely enter the grounds. When the museum is closed, today from 5 PM to 10 AM the site would be accessible by 6 or more gates.

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