5 thoughts on “Just This with Rick Casey #19: Judge Harle Explains Cop Killer Ruling

  1. I like this show quite a lot, and have always admired Rick — what a warm, talented individual with such great ability to relate context through his keen sense of community and history. The podcast format is a great one, especially for him. And I think the ‘deep dive’ element works well, with one particular story each week. If there were a piece of constructive criticism I could offer: perhaps consider fewer ‘investigative’ issues. I don’t think people come to the Rivard Report looking for a single long-format study on something like this, or frankly many of the recent episode topics. I’m a weekly listener, so I’m really not trying to come off as rude here, but I just found the earlier topics covered to be of much greater interest. When Casey can delve into a particular issue which has plagued a part of town for awhile, when he can disentangle some of the dynamics playing out between city council and some other organization, and when he can consider how some national phenomenon might play out in SA, the show thrives. I just find topics like this week’s to be pretty disappointing especially compared to the episodes whose content reflects some greater communal concern.

  2. I would actually disagree with part of C’s comments. This is an issue that most people will misunderstand and it won’t get this kind of thoughtful and insightful review in other media sources. And, I believe that this is (or should be) a topic of greater communal concern. Thanks Rick!

  3. I have to disagree with C, I found this week very informative and interesting. I think it is a complicated situation and there was quite a bit of misinformation out there, so I appreciate Rick getting to the bottom of it. Also, it helps shed light and raise awareness for the need for more mental health resources.

  4. When this issue is considered not to be of “communal concern” then we are in trouble as a society … well, in deeper trouble than we actually are. I would like Casey to delve even deeper into the past and revisit old cases that could have great relevance, or irony, for our contemporary issues. What about the “cop killer” acquittal of an SAPD officer (of another officer) back in the 1980’s. I still do not understand the intricacies of that judgment.

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