6 thoughts on “La Villita’s $12.6M Redevelopment Plan Gets City Council Nod

  1. ADA/ special needs friendly please as it is right next to Hemisphere Park that currently has no rambunctious or spec needs friendly kid eating options that are obvious to the casual user. But that park is a great place to get sensory input as most spec kids are lucky to get that once a week at an outpatient clinic. No one can afford that at their house…..unless maybe your TJH. 🙂 (Good luck with the show. Just don’t let them grow up to be Kardashians! 😉

  2. Adding “new additions” to the buildings is of great concern. It was a villita–tiny village. Are we going to change the flavor of that to accommodate more restaurants? There is a plethora of those up and down the River, all the way to the Pearl. And Southtown is bursting at its seams with them. How many can thrive and survive? The cost of losing La Villita as it is today is too great!!

    • From the site plan in the article it looks like new casitas. I worry about mixing fake old with authentic old, although much better than add ons.

      As to Southtown. Have you been there? Lots of vacant lots still and not that many restaurants. Theres a couple of small clusters, but not enough that people would want to walk down and stay other than going to that one place. So they converge on the river. We need to increase destinations.

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