2 thoughts on “Lawsuit Claims Union Busting at Bexar County Probation Department

  1. Yes I’m interested in the lawsuit that Sergio Castilleja talked about my only child was murder by a falling adult probation system felon had a warrant but adult probation filed to arrest him 1weelk later he murderd 2 young mother s

    Please read their tragic story Vanessa Gonzalez and Ashley Garcia died on 5/15/15 please respond Caroline contreras 9795956258

  2. We have been harrassed by bexar county officers. Trffic ofgicers. Cid dept. You name them with no luck on someine helping us. Or take our case. Been banned ftom sheriff office or threatened we would be shot in site.. we want to plead our case to New sheriff with no luck.. if you know of someone willing to help… we need to stick together with these officer that forgot when they took thier oath and protect us… not want to kill or hurt us

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