2 thoughts on “Lawsuit Seeks to End Housing Voucher Discrimination

  1. I don’t think this lawsuit has much of chance of going anywhere. The legislature vetted the law before it enacted to ensure that it would stand up in court. Since Section 8 is a voluntary program that a landlord can participate in or not, there is no federal law, not even the Fair Housing Act, that can force them to do so. There are several other lawsuits in other states working their way through the courts to repeal these unconstitutional local regulations. At least one will wind up at SCOTUS, and with a new far right justice just days from confirmation I don’t see SCOTUS upholding these local regulations that ill advised and uneducated city commissions are passing. I guess knowing the constitution is not required for elected officials anymore, or they just ignore it in an effort to take property owners rights away from them in some sort of back door reparations scam. We fully support the Texas law and hope to see it become the law of the entire land, now with a new President and congress, HUD’s communist stranglehold will be eliminated once and for all.

  2. Seems like a moot point now with Trump gutted HUD by 6 billion, there won’t be any new vouchers and they will probably take some back. I think it said like 300,000 would lose their vouchers, so why would any landlord want to get involved in a program that is being unfunded. Just don’t advertise your properties, get tenants by word of mouth or through social contacts. That way you don’t have to deal with this mess

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