2 thoughts on “Life at the Metropol Hotel With Count Rostov, A Gentleman in Moscow

  1. I LOVED this book, and Mr. Towles’ “Rules of Civility”. Thank you for the review and for sharing the time of his talk during the SABF.

    I’m a lifelong reader, and have always thought that reading not only makes us smarter, it makes us more compassionate because as we read, we walk in someone else’s shoes. Happily, recent research shows that, indeed, when we read literary fiction (such as Mr. Towles’ fantastic novels), our empathy increases.https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/novel-finding-reading-literary-fiction-improves-empathy/

    Yay! Reading!

  2. Nina as a 9 year old is unforgettable, but she is not left in Rostov’s custody. Nina’s 6 year old daughter, Sophia, is left in his custody. Just a point of detail. I am an addicted Outlander fan, but this book was wonderful!

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