9 thoughts on “Littertown: Broadway’s Fiesta Hangover

  1. I don’t see any aluminum cans… Is that because people sift through the trash to save them to get money or is it because people don’t drink for aluminum cans anymore?

    Also I see lots of plastic bottles, specifically water bottles. Wonder if we should have some kind of water initiative….

  2. I was simply astounded at how much litter lined Broadway. The park on E Jones and Broadway was an especial mess, with food, grease buckets from vendors, trash, cans and the nostril turning smell of spilled beer. This park is where I walk my dog EVERY morning since we moved downtown in June of last year, and it’s always fairly clean. To see it like this, and to see people not picking up trash but sifting through for cans, was very sad. I stand with demanding goers to clean up or leave. But I also recognized on the day of the Flambeau Parade there just weren’t enough accessible trashcans – they could’ve atleast placed them on the bleachers.

  3. Susan, they gave out hundreds of yellow mesh bags people could use. Some did, some did not. Containers don’t work; people can’t get through the crowds to use them during the parade and afterwards they won’t take extra steps. They have no manners so just drop trash. I think the food vendors should be required to use a different packaging material for their food products. Joseph, I didn’t see many cans, either. Lots of water bottles. It is a disgrace but not as bad as Brackenridge Park after Easter; they should forbid camping there.

  4. Susan, you can’t place trash and recycling containers on the route proper. They a) obstruct views, b) are rarely used because of the size of the crowds, and c) can’be be collected by volunteers due to the density. That’s why we pass out 10,000 recycling and 10,000 trash bags along the route. There are containers off route but people rarely use them. We get almost all our collection from the route itself.

  5. Great article by Robert Rivard on the issues of Fiesta litter. As he points out, we are making progress on the parade route, just like Portland did on their journey to becoming the cleanest and greenest parade in the nation. The next areas to focus on are the areas off route, such as the private areas under the freeway bridge and vendor lots. Also, a lot of what you see in these photos are the trash from under the bleachers that was exposed when the bleachers were dismantled. That’s an area we can’t get to after the parades and can only be cleaned up after the bleachers come down. Another area to focus on.

    • Randy

      Thanks for your comment and your volunteer service to the community on this issue. My point is that you and others who volunteer or who work for the City should not have to clean up under the bleachers. People should dispose of their recyclables and their garbage and not litter. If parade-goers would use the bags provided them, we wouldn’t have all that waste on the ground.

  6. My family and I always bring our own trash and recycling bags. We pick up after ourselves and invite those around us to throw their trash/recycling in our bags. We’ve done this every year for many years, and have appreciated seeing many, many others do the same. We also were thrilled when the city began handing out those distinctive yellow recycling bags.

    Things have improved vastly, litter-wise, and surely will continue to improve as people realize that reducing Fiesta litter is EVERYONE’S job.

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