6 thoughts on “Lone Star Brewery Redevelopment at Standstill, But Neighbors Remain Hopeful

  1. Actually, this delay is probably for the best. Not only was there a problem with the Aqualand ownership, but CBL Associates is best known for building big box retail establishments. The Lone Star property needs to be developed as a neighborhood of apartments, condos, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. It does not need to become a southside Quarry-like shopping and entertainment district since access roads are not major thoroughfares.

    • Agreed, the development sounded more like the “Quarry of the South” than the Pearl. The Quarry is ugly and adds nothing to the community. Further south is the equally horrendous Brooks City Base. We’ve seen enough horrid big box developments. Please, no more.

      • Brooks City Base has created close to 10,000 jobs and a billion dollars of investment over the last 15 years – get your facts straight idiot –

        Lonestar is a great place for a super Wal-MArt and thats all – if you looking for something else on that site move to fantasy land

  2. I grew up on Lone Star Blvd. & spent a lot of time in the area. We snuck into the brewery & were in awe of the pool (Johnny Weismiller allegedly swam laps there, I was too young to attend?).

    It’s always intrigued on the site and am glad to know that someone will rehab it, hopefully, to its former glory.


  3. Just get on with a Superfund Clean-Up style clean up of particulate matter and heavy metals already.
    Then wait a moment or two and pave the whole area over with cement and call it “abated” and start selling the area off with incentives.
    Or are those open wells a problem downstream?

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