2 thoughts on “Lots of Love for Driverless Cars – Except From Drivers

  1. I am 65 and totally ready to use a driverless car and wish everyone around me was doing so. Between texting and drinking, I increasingly worry about other drivers and would rather spend my own time reading or looking out the window. I trust aircraft autopilot and I’m ready to trust this new technology, too.

  2. I drive a Subaru Outback with the latest technology. Although it doesn’t drive itself it certainly keeps me aware of what is going on around me! This year along, 2 people I knew were killed when they rear-ended an 18 wheeler. One of the trucks was parked on the shoulder and not noticed until it was too late. One fatality in that collision. Another, just last week was simply coming over a hill and not paying attention to the slowed traffic ahead. The driver perished.
    Both of these incidents would have been prevented with the technology used in many of the new vehicles. My Subaru will come to a stop before I hit the vehicle, no matter what I am doing! Of course it “dings” and then takes over if I choose to ignore it. I can also control how much control I will give it in terms of distances, etc.
    I love this vehicle and feel it has made a great improvement in how safe I feel. I know I would feel even better if other drivers had the same technology. There is nothing I can do should another driver loose control of their vehicle and hit mine.

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