5 thoughts on “Love it or Hate it, What is Fiesta, Anyway?

  1. As a Hispanic living on the West Side’s “Durango Street” I always knew there was another world here in San Antonio. However, I never felt left out when venturing into that other world. Perhaps my success came when we left the city to live in other cities including DC. Returning to San Antonio was always in our goals and we love it, Viva Fiesta.

  2. Good article, it’s helping me reflect on who I am and why I celebrate Fiesta-SA.

    I must point this out —
    — In this clause: “De Luna, whose been volunteering with various groups during Fiesta for nearly 20 years,…”, the correct word is the contraction “who’s”, as in “who has been volunteering with….” —
    Sometimes I overlook these…overlooked things, but I guess my inner editor is a bit grumpy today. Well, then, it’s off to the Fiesta Flambeau Parade later tonight, to perk up the spirit!

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