3 thoughts on “The Arts and Art: How to Inspire Young Students

  1. I kept a post card of El Greco’s Head of Christ for many years, taking it with me while I lived in Japan, England, and several states here in the U.S. I was devastated when it was removed from the McNay’s walls for a while when its authenticity was in doubt, but I understand it’s back now. I need to pay it a visit!

  2. Thank you Bekah for a fabulous article. This is one of the first of its kind where the author shows an appreciation for art without the desire to create it. It is refreshing and proves the point, “One does not have to be a chicken to appreciate an omelette.”

    When you came to visit my studio I could tell you really looked and took in the images I had created. That was very cool.

    Of course I support your premise that we need to engage our young people in the arts and somehow, some way, find a way to do it financially. Like my father used to say, “The young people are taking over the world,” and we will reap what we sow.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. While we share a great affinity for art of many types, our beginnings are very much the opposite. Art, for me, began as an escape from a family culture and adolescence that was rough at best. It was not encouraged, but rather a source of jokes and snide comments about living in a fantasy land. Nevertheless, art remains something I visit often, not necessarily to escape anymore, but to reflect. I’m not an artist, but the safe haven that music and canvas has provided to me is invaluable and I cannot imagine that I am alone in that sentiment.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opening up a conversation where others might realize the value in artistic expression and its place in the community.

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