23 thoughts on “Manuel Medina: From Mexico to County Democratic Chairman

  1. Here’s the deal…. I could write a long winded statement fact checking Manuel Medina but I am just going to be as bipartisan as possible, here.

    Manuel Medina, you are one of the most insanely idiotic people I have ever had the privilege of hearing speak. At no point in your rambling, incoherent responses at last week’s Rivard Report forum were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in that room is now dumber for having listened to you. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • Give me a Dorothy, the man tells it like it is, corruption at city hall needs to be addressn Special interest and lobbyists with deep pockets are getting representives at city hall. He wants to represent all of San Antonio not just the same old old gourd. I know the truth hurts when your candidate looks like mud after Medina is exposing the truth. But it is what it is and voters will decide in May. My vote is to clean City Hall.

    • Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding your insanely idiotic rambling, incoherent, long winded response as anything other than the racist attack that it is.

    • I must be an idiot-according to you. What I heard is Ron votes with Ivy over 90% of the time. And made some very very bad decisions with her.
      Also, I remember how long it took Ron to back the equal rights amendment. When I called his office right before vote-he was still looking into it!
      He did finally vote for it. Unlike Ivy.
      We need more than articulate for a mayor of this city. We need someone who is not afraid to speak out against the atrocities coming out of

    • Manuel is honest and represents the people. His approach on transportation is one that only an engineer could come up with and is very progressive.

  2. His claims of city corruption just sound like they’re so far out in left field. If the city is so corrupt why haven’t any of the investigative news reporters picked it up? And if Sculley is doing such a bad job why does the city get high marks from the credit agencies and citizens in its surveys?

    What worries me is that as a candidate for mayor that kind of language is reckless. It perpetuates the false reputation that our city government is wasteful and inefficient when that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    If he said the city was doing well, but here are ways I can improve it that others can’t he’d be a lot more successful in selling his message. Right now it just sounds like he’s trying to make it sound terrible so he can come in and fix what isn’t broken.

  3. Is the Rivard Report going to profile the 4 other crazy people running in this election? I only ask because your profile of Manuel Medina makes it sound like he’s an actual person-completely sound in body and mind-worth listening to.

    Anybody running for Mayor who doesn’t know we have more than one source of water should be forced to sit on forum panels with the likes of Cynthia Brehm, Mama Bexar and the other esteemed ‘also-rans.’

    • I wondered this myself. is he a major candidate simply because he’s rich enough to self fund?

      Also why did medina list his occupation as an engineer on his mayoral application? I see no mention of his engineering job?

    • Let examine a topic close to me. Protecting women from sex predators driving for rideshare companies. Any normal person would say that sound like a good idea, how can we do it.

      Both Ron Nirenberg and Mayor Ivy Taylor voted for a ride-share contract with no mandatory fingerprint and criminal background checks for all Uber and Lyft drivers. They catered to the corporate demands of these irresponsible corporations. In October 2016 before the vote an Uber driver sexually assaulted a women here in San Antonio. December 8, 2016 they voted. Now tell me if these is not irresponsible.

      It all about special interest, corporate control, and lobbyists controling city hall while the taxipayers get the short end of the stick.

  4. The beer-drinking, heckling Ron supporters were rude to Manuel at the Rivard Report debate, I can see those are probably the same people commenting on this story! Instead of being blind supporters, check their records as mayor and on council. You will see if you are for Ron, you might as well be for Ivy, their records are practically identical. I’d rather see a Dreamer who worked his way to success get elected than allow two city bureaucrats to stay at city hall with their tangible accomplishments being a higher crime rate, gentrification, and a bond package that ignores parts of the city and projects that desperately need funding.

  5. It is quite clear we have individuals that have no respect for the Hispanic Community! Manuel’s candidacy gives our community an opportunity to Vote for a candidate that will include an agenda for the working poor. We must continue to expose the community on how the other candidates do not represent the best interest of the City of San Antonio! We must continue our struggle for Justice and Equality for all persons in our community and when our president attacks our community and our Mayor and Ron stand silent this issue of Sanctuary City is unacceptable !

  6. Citizens need to look around in their parks, streets, sidewalk crimr areas, and simply ask why is my side of town not being represented equally?

    Next question is where is the tax and bond dollars being spent? Are they being spent fairly?

    Why are our streets, sidewalk and parks not taken care of while pet projects in business areas, tourists areas, downtown areas, just keep getting money.

    The answer is simple, citizens are good for one thing at city hall, taxation without representation.

  7. First, as a member of the LGBTQ community, i question the Rivard article comments attempting to contradict Medina’s assertion that “no arm twisting was necessary” concerning the Non Discrimination Ordinance. Nirenberg did NOT decide on that issue until the day of the vote – that is a verifiable fact…and not the alternative kind. In the weeks and days leading up to the vote, Medina’s pro-LGTBQ stance was strong, adamant and in clear support of the NDO — Medina indeed applied pressure (along with the other Democrats such as then Mayor Julian Castro) to Ron N who absolutely DID dawdle, hem and haw worrying about his true Republican/conservative base until the very last minute the day of the vote. That he was a reluctant supporter ultimately is good, but shows an inner conflict that could play out in the future policies. Nirenberg votes along almost the same line as Ivy Taylor on all of the other important issues (i.e. environment and social justice etc.) as well as Ron and Ivy’s provable track record of being firmly in the pockets of corporations and big business at the expense of the average taxpayer — as opposed to Manuel Medina. After the National election disaster in November, there is no time for nebulous centrists like Ron who stands for nothing (or everything which means lying to half your base half the time), or duplicitous bigots like Ivy. I am firmly supporting Manuel Medina for San Antonio Mayor. Thanks for the article!

  8. If you look at his campaign finance records, Medina “pledged” $250,000 of his own money in the form of a LOAN to his campaign. That’s not the same thing as contributing, as campaign contributions he receives from donors can be used to pay these loans. This piece should be revised as it implies otherwise.

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