Manuel Medina Sets Mayoral Announcement

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Kathryn Boyd-Batstone / Rivard Report

Manuel Medina (center) raises his hand as supporters cheer his name on the front steps of City Hall taken in December of 2016.

Bexar County Democratic Chairman Manuel Medina is set to announce his entry Saturday into this spring’s mayoral race.

The official announcement is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday in front of San Fernando Cathedral in Main Plaza. Medina, 47, would join City Councilman Ron Nirenberg (D8) in the race to unseat Mayor Ivy Taylor in the May 6 election.

Medina issued a press release Wednesday saying an exploratory committee had “spent weeks gauging public opinion and grassroots support” for a mayoral candidacy. He had discussed the formation of the exploratory committee and a campaign contribution of $250,000 of his own money last month, but did not formally announce his mayoral bid at the time.

Talking with a reporter prior to Wednesday’s press release, Medina pointed to what he called “dysfunction in City Hall” and undue influence of special interests as driving his entry into the race.

“The dysfunction at City Hall is a symptom of the special interests,” he said. “The politicians get their contributions, and the special interests get their special favors, and taxpayers get stuck with the bill.”

Use of his own money to fund his campaign shows prospective voters that he would not be beholden to special interests, Medina said.

Medina said San Antonio’s proximity to Mexico and its standing as the nation’s seventh largest city give local leaders a prime opportunity to bolster the city’s relationship with its neighbor to the south.

“People in Iowa have more say than us, and we are closer to the border,” he said. “We know what is best.”

Medina has said his candidacy would represent an option for voters, an alternative to local establishment politics.

“They (taxpayers) are looking for someone independent of these (special) interests and I think that is me,” he said.

Medina also announced Wednesday the appointment of Tom Daniels as campaign treasurer. Daniels is a consultant who has spent 25 years helping local Democrats with campaign finances.

5 thoughts on “Manuel Medina Sets Mayoral Announcement

  1. Omg leave Mexico out of campaign races. This is why Trump the darn wall already and focus on America. Do what’s right for the city not for Mexico.

    • You mean like all of those Mexican nationals who come every August to spend money here in San Antonio for the tax-free holiday? You mean like all of the families who live in San Antonio but have family in Mexico? You mean like the illegal immigrants who were dumped in San Antonio by the federal government after they cleared out the immigrant detention facilities?

      You can try to close off our city to the world, but the world is already here in San Antonio. Ignoring those issues doesn’t make them go away. Medina is saying he wants to do right by San Antonio by engaging with Mexico. It would be the exact wrong thing to pretend we aren’t a four hour drive from another country.

  2. It is wonderful to see a bright, energetic, independent people’s candidate like Manuel Medina entering the race for mayor. Now I have a great candidate to vote for. Your story hit the mark right in the head. Absolutely too much influence from special interest at the expense of our citizens at City Hall. No shame, our current representatives will vote for out of town multi billion dollar corporations demands like they did for Uber and Lyft. These corporations wanted no mandatory fingerprint and criminal background checks for their drivers and the mayor and city council accommodated them putting our citizens at risk. They wanted unlimited amount of vehicles in service with no city oversite, tgey git that too. Lets look at Vista Ridge, 16% water bill increase by 2020, that is 3 years from now. They do not care just as long as they take care of the developers wishes. My vote is for new representatives at city hall. Lets Clean City Hall! Thank you!

  3. I’ll be interested to see Medina’s positions on specific issues, but it is encouraging to have an openly progressive alternative in the mayoral race, rather than Nirenberg’s pretend centrism and Taylor’s connections to the Trump & Hurd campaigns.

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