One thought on “Marconi’s ‘Personality Was Bigger Than Life’

  1. I happened to be on an access ramp from 410 to 281 N this morning when traffic came to a standstill. The northbound highway was closed in anticipation of the funeral procession. Many of us got out of our cars and stood along the rail as the stream of squad cars and motorcycles with lights flashing passed below. It was a very powerful sight. Firefighters, EMTs and other first responders had parked their service vehicles on the overpasses and stood in tribute. The consensus is that Detective Marconi was a wonderful person and a splendid, caring cop. His senseless murder is extremely sad. I hope our society can start to defuse the violence that has become so common. I fear for what will happen under the next administration since it seems to be hallmarked by “get what you can for yourself” (aka “Make America great again”) rather than truly bringing us together and assuring that the resources of our country and society are shared and available to all.
    If I hear one more person say “the next four years are going to be interesting” (INTERESTING?!?!?!?!), I may have to scream.

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