34 thoughts on “Maverick Apartments: Workforce Housing on Houston Street

    • Like reverse gentrification.. build for the artists, students, and entry-level workers on no budget, then when the area improves and rents increase, evict, renovate, and increase rents! profit! Too bad there’s not 40 more buildings down there like that.

      I actually think it’s a good idea to get bodies on the street and in the area that at least aren’t sleeping on the sidewalk. New construction costs so much that it forces a higher rent, and it isn’t that much more for better quality, so it’s more cost effective to build “luxury” new, but there’s no demand for that there now in the demographic that can afford it. To get downtown increased residential density quickly, it’s in transition. It’s an interesting situation (problem). I applaud their idea and attempt. SA needs more funky things to play up it’s quirky history side. There’s a rich fabric there that isn’t displayed by beige burlap and 400 count cotton off 1604.

      Like in a restaurant where labor, real estate rent, furniture, operations, etc, is so much more than the food cost, that you might as well give big portions. But big portions are unhealthy and sometimes overwhelming with certain preparation styles, but any restaurant not serving enough for possibility to take home leftovers is probably out of business soon.

    • They will lease to people of all ages, but Millennials drive the demand market for affordable apartments downtown. Most of the new multi family developments price out many Millennials as well as others, although their high occupancy rates reflect ample market demand. Some of the “new” projects include units reserved for lower income tenants, e.g. Coevallos Lofts.

  1. I lived a few blocks from this building for years and I knew people who lived here. The plumbing was frequently out of commission, which the new owners will surely fix. What I remember the most is the stink emanating from the grates covering the tree roots on the Presa St side. I avoided that side of the street when walking home. I think it started when the bar went in. I’m glad to see that this building will be restored.

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