14 thoughts on “Mayor Comments On Her Drive to Slow Annexation

  1. Yes, please stop! COSA is a monster swallowing up land only to wait ten years or more before actually providing services beyond the occasional police patrol and speeding tickets courtesy of SAPD. I see them everyday off 37 South hiding off the road so I know the enforcement is there at least. DPS and BCSD can do the same so there is a redundancy in enforcement. The city now has land for the the solar farm which is a win though the people in that area still have yet to see a benefit.

    Von Ormy is a good example of municipal neglect. If COSA annexes anything else it’s going to be the same old story. If the mayor really wants to help then I would ask that she stop annexation permanently.

  2. Another example of the city’s conflicting statements regarding encouraging more people to live in the city while at the same time recognizing the real natural growth is in the suburbs. The city should stop spending the time and money towards developing residential living downtown when the vast majority of people do not want to live there. They want to live in the suburbs.

  3. I applaud the move to slow annexation. I asked the folks in the neighborhood planning department about starting a plan for our neighborhood. I was told that there was a freeze on such projects because of annexation. Kudos to Mayor Taylor as she tries to balance this city.

    • VIA is another story. An entity that spends millions of dollars for the benefit of a few. It might be more cost effective to pay the cab fares for all who needed a ride on the VIA routes.

  4. I’m all for slowing the annexation process down, but I’d be interested in learning more about Cash’s implication that the Alamo Ranch residents and others outside the City provide their fair share of financial support for parks, for example, through sales tax. But are sales taxes how we mainly fund parks or is it property taxes? This is the type of granular detail that I’d like to see. Edmond, do you have that information?
    It would also be interesting to look in more detail at contributions to the Advanced Transportation District and whether that is sufficient.
    Thanks for a great article!

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