7 thoughts on “Mayor, Council, Staff to Vacate City Hall for 18 Months During $38M Renovation

  1. Another incredibly stupid comment. This is our City Hall which will last for another 100 years. The convention is one week. And believe me, it would cost significantly more than $5M to host it.

  2. BAND-AID, not bandaid, a registered trademark. And no, I don’t work for the company. I am a former journalist who once made the careless mistake of using a registered trademark generically in a story and was contacted by the product’s company. Never made that mistake again!

  3. Why don’t the 143 staff move into a couple floors at the new Frost building once it’s finished, then renovate the old building and make it a museum. It’s not really a “hall” since it can’t accommodate large public meetings. Those are held across the street anyway.

  4. Pity we don’t just put the central dome and spires back on. Yes, extreme preservationists will howl because having them one floor higher is not perfectly authentic to the original while undermining later look of the 1920s, but I don’t see why our own generation’s alterations should necessarily be deemed less worthy than an alteration done in the 1920s. Actually, I’d be happy even removing the added fourth floor if that is what it took to have the dome and turrets restored.

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