3 thoughts on “Mayor Ivy Taylor: A Journey From Planning to Politics

  1. so which bathroom does Mayor Taylor think trans should use? The unisex single stall or the bathroom they might not feel comfortable in? It’s only a matter of time before it becomes an issue in city owned bathrooms.

  2. “I am an urban planner and a public servant who’s committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, connecting people to opportunity, and making our city a better place.”

    I think Mayor Ivy is doing a great job — I’m proud she’s “my” Mayor. I see a lot of great programs like fitness to reading for the whole community and I think planning for the future of the city’s health, livability, and authentic-ness is really important such as with the proposed bond measures. I believe a Mayor job is not for a lot of pet projects that may benefit some but not all, but more sure making sure the checks and balances are there to make sure we are not leaving our most vulnerable populations behind and that we are being true to our own city’s present and past.

    I am not so sure about Ron Nirenberg or Manuel Medina — I am afraid they both have pet project agendas — not to say I don’t agree in them –but I’m weary of wanna-be mayors that barrel in the door that way. Also I was truly offended that Medina used the MLK March to have tons of his followers hold signs with his name in the March. I couldn’t get pictures of the march without a dang Medina sign!! It would have been more appropriate to put up signs or billboards along the march, not use the March as campaign trail.

    I do want to comment that I also hope Mayor Taylor can continue to bridge the gap that has been created with the LGBTQIA community. We all come from some place and are having to reevaluate our beliefs and I believe Mayor Taylor does care for the people at large and that she’s working on it… only time will tell I guess.

    Lastly I say “my” Mayor because my apartment technically falls within in Olmos Park — it’s own city.. so I’m really bummed I can’t actually vote in the city at large that I feel invested in!

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