6 thoughts on “Mayor Taylor: SA Tomorrow, Police Contract Will Strengthen Our City

  1. Oh, my! I was surprised to wake up this morning and find something written in the online magazine version of Us Weekly by a non-male, non-d8 member of City Council. Thanks for including other voices….

  2. leaves you wanting more. seems like a sad attempt from a mayor who does not know what she is doing. 2040? Realy? 24 years from now? whats the plan for tomorrow? how is she making the city? What has she done that is meaningful to this point? WE NEED A NEW MAYOR!!!

  3. You mean besides negotiations? Vista ridge? Council pay? Developing the first long term plan this city has ever had? Largest bond in history? Managing a fractured council after the last mayor left us high and dry? More direct flights than ever before? Office of diversity and inclusion? Ending veteran homelessness in the city? Deleveloping SA works to train local workforce and reduce poverty levels? Mbksa to reduce the gap for men and boys of color?

    Seems like you are a Castro fan boy who’s feelings are hurt.

    Speaking of which? What did the last mayor ever actually do? Sa2020? It hasn’t done anything. Declare the decade of downtown? That’s cool but every city is doing that. Kick the can down the road on the union fought? Yup! No self respecting Pseudo vp pick could have a union fight on his record! Table 6 months worth of council ccrs because he doesn’t want to actually tackle any tough issues.

    Feels like you can say the same thing about any mayor, huh? Sounds to me like what you really want is a new city manager………

  4. Forgot to add google fiber, and connect home to end the digital divide.

    Sorry, seems to me the city has done a lot under her leadership.

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