4 thoughts on “Mayoral Candidates Take on Housing, Minimum Wage, and Equal Rights

  1. The people that are so quick to point and yell racist are most often themselves racist. “improving the lives of women and girls – particularly those of color”, do we really want government programs and mandates that favor one race over another, or that purposely exclude one race? Black or white, it’s not hard to feel unwelcome in mostly brown San Antonio. That hate isn’t universal, by and large it’s source comes from liberal “progressives” that have progressed past the point of wanting equal rights to the point of wanting unfair advantage. That places lessor citizens at unfair advantage. We need a mayor that unites, not divides.

  2. “Also Rans”….Then explain why did Ron Nierenberg showed up. I have met some of these same candidates. If you truly care about all citizens of San Antonio then as a candidate, you would have seen them here. The Esperanza is an organization that represents truth and rights for the people. You should ask yourself, why isn’t Medina here, or Taylor….and so on!

  3. taylor “scheduling conflict?” taylor did NOT attend because she is notoriously ANTI-lgbt! she has NEVER attended any lgbt event!

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