12 thoughts on “Measles Outbreak: The Case for Vaccination

  1. The graph here shows an important phenomenon. Graphically, it looks like MMR vaccination decreased only slightly in the wake of the falsified Wakefield study. However, measles cases in that timeframe skyrocketed. This shows the importance of herd immunity for measles. Even tiny changes in the immune status of a community can have a significant impact on the level of disease.

    I don’t blame individuals, or even celebrities for believing erroneous claims. After all, they were made by scientists. I blame the scientists and medical professionals who falsified data and who continue to make false and dangerous claims about vaccines based on false data.

    (this graph is taken from this article http://www.nhs.uk/news/2010/01january/pages/mmr-vaccine-autism-scare-doctor.aspx)

  2. It’s demeaning to those on the spectrum (asd) to be told that a parent would rather their child suffer from and possible die from a preventable illness than be diagnosed with autism.

  3. Thank you for this. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops, it needs to be law. We can’t continue a few people who value opinion over fact, and who dangerously ignore history, to kill more innocent people. The letter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl that has been circulating the internet today says it all.

    “Then one morning, when she was well on the road to recovery, I was sitting on her bed showing her how to fashion little animals out of coloured pipe-cleaners, and when it came to her turn to make one herself, I noticed that her fingers and her mind were not working together and she couldn’t do anything.

    ‘Are you feeling all right?’ I asked her.

    ‘I feel all sleepy,’ she said. In an hour, she was unconscious. In twelve hours she was dead.”


  4. It’s also important to note that anti-vaxxers aren’t the only problem. Access to health care is indeed a real issue, and one San Antonians are facing. Difficulty in accessing health care means difficulty getting vaccinated.

    Most children in this population catch up by the time they reach school age, but there’s a definite gap until then. For this reason, San Antonio Metro Health invited The Immunization Partnership to set up a chapter in San Antonio. TIP is a non-profit which has worked in Houston since 2007, and has been effective there in bringing their rates up. TIP will work in collaboration with SAMHD and other entities in San Antonio to improve vaccine rates for the entire county. 71% coverage is just too low. It’s even lower for adolescent vaccines.

  5. I got the vaccine and as a young adult I got the measles three times. Not too mention in the last 10 years the vaccine has changed 4 times, the CDC official will neither confirm nor deny anything about the vaccine and its side effects, in the last ten years zero people in the US have died from the actual virus but 108 have died in that same time frame in the US from the vaccination. Im sure all those have been debunked too huh? Oh except that they come from government websites…….

  6. 102 confirmed cases/ ~315 million people… hmmm people act like we still live in the early 1900s and work in very unclean envisioned and/or are very unhygenic… Vaccines weren’t the only thing that did away with those almost archaic diseases. Its weird to think that our immune systems would be so compromised that we require medication of all kinds for “preventative” measures… or maybe we’ve become so dependent on it that that is what required to stay healthy.. All I really have to say is that since the people who create these vaccines also engage in creating weaponized virus strains.. and that most epidemics/ infected areas begin with some fuck up within their organizations and/or the CDC itself. Why is that?

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