Meeting Child Support Obligations a Challenge at Times for Greg Brockhouse

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Councilman Greg Brockhouse (D6)

Scott Ball / Rivard Report

Councilman Greg Brockhouse (D6) has had two since-resolved liens filed against him by the Texas attorney general related to child support payments.

The Texas attorney general has twice filed liens against San Antonio mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse in the past 13 years related to problems with his child support payments.

Brockhouse, a city councilman (D6) running to oust incumbent Mayor Ron Nirenberg, has been married three times and has fathered four children with four women. He also has a stepson, whom he said he considers his son.

Brockhouse has featured his family, including his children and wife Annalisa, prominently on his campaign website and in campaign mailers. “Annalisa and Greg consider themselves blessed for their big family,” his campaign website states. But like many divorced fathers, he said at times he struggled to make child support payments, owing support for three children each month at one point following his second divorce.

When Brockhouse fell behind on payments with two of his children in 2008 and 2014, the attorney general filed liens against him for unpaid child support. Brockhouse eventually caught up on the money he owed in the first case, involving a woman to whom he was never married, and records show the lien was removed in 2012.

Brockhouse said in the second instance, in 2014, he never did fall behind. He said he became self-employed, starting a cleaning business and later a consulting and marketing business, and was no longer having payments withheld from his earnings and sent to his ex-wife through the County registry or the State Disbursement Unit. He said he was paying her directly.

Brockhouse said once he was able to demonstrate that to the attorney general, including a signed affidavit from his ex-wife showing 11 payments totaling $4,150, the lien was removed in 2015.

“I went fully self-employed and paid mom directly,” Brockhouse said. “The State doesn’t know that you’re making those payments and that’s a lesson learned. … I’ve paid my child support consistent for 20-plus years.”

Brockhouse, who now has two adult children, including one biological child he is no longer obligated to support, said he is current on his child support and has wages taken directly from his City Council earnings.

Following his second divorce in 2006, Brockhouse became responsible for making three child support payments each month, totaling more than $1,500 per month. At the time, he worked at Wachovia Bank and he acknowledged it was a struggle. He said there were times when he was paying 50 percent of his disposable earnings per month to child support, which is the most allowable by Texas law.

“I lived in an apartment, I drove a beater, I did what I had to do,” Brockhouse said. “I worked in the banking industry at that point in my life as a mortgage banker. It was no easy ride but I made those payments. It was tough.”

Brockhouse’s two ex-wives and former girlfriend did not respond to requests for interviews from the Rivard Report.

Brockhouse has worked at least 10 different jobs since 2000, including his cleaning business, his political consulting and marketing business, and his current role with the City Council.

Brockhouse often emphasizes transparency in government while campaigning. He plans to make changes to the way city government operates and interacts with the public if he is elected mayor, including ending City policy deliberations in executive session and holding some City Council meetings out in the community.

It was in the interest of transparency that Brockhouse said he was willing to talk about his history with child support and the challenges he has had with it at times. He emphasized he has always done his best to meet his child support obligations.

“If I’m an elected official and I’m not paying my child support, then damn right, 100 percent, that’s a concern,” he said.

Brockhouse has been less transparent about two allegations of past domestic violence incidents that were reported in March. One involved one of his two ex-wives, in 2006, and the other involved his current wife, Annalisa, in 2009. He was not charged with a crime in either incident. The police report for the second incident has mysteriously disappeared from police records.

Brockhouse threatened to leave a mayoral debate hosted by the Rivard Report on Wednesday if moderators asked him about the domestic violence allegations.

42 thoughts on “Meeting Child Support Obligations a Challenge at Times for Greg Brockhouse

  1. A man’s family issues should be off the table in political debates unless the family members raise concerns or if he was CONVICTED (not questioned) of a crime. You’ve exploited children in this article. Shame on you! You’ve only proven that like the everyday, hardworking citizens, Who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, this man will work multiple jobs to take care of his family and do what he’s gotta do to provide!
    You’ve only proven that financial hardships are A major cause of divorce. Otherwise ,This article is supermarkets tabloid gossip! You’ve offered no valuable information to whether or not this man is a good candidate for mayor. It’s gossip! It’s sabotage ! It’s exploitation of a family! STOP IT!

    • He’s a serial reproducer and is responsible for his child support. Failure to pay child support brings up several issues about his character.

    • The judgments for unpaid child support and the 911 calls are public information. It is actually the responsibility of journalists to report on these types of matters. Although it is inconvenient for Greg and his supporters, the public has the right to know. He obviously can’t even handle his personal business and has absolutely zero business trying to be mayor of our city.

  2. Time to give it a break, RR. It’s clear you don’t like Brockhouse, and I’m not much for him either. We’ve all made equal or bigger mistakes than he has, Ringo. Maybe you could write a story on your own dirty laundry…

    • I couldn’t agree more. The Richard report is starting to lean one way in their reporting which I despise as I am an Independent.

    • Eh…but not everyone has 2 domestic abuse allegations against them. I’d say most people don’t even have 1, myself being one of them. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but I would never vote for a guy who’s been violent toward women.

  3. Wow, what a shame. A slanderous hit piece article. When I first discovered this news outlet, I loved the general shortage of political content, regardless of the direction of slant. This season has revealed a lot about the rivard report. I’m done with this site.

      • To many of the commenters: Please cite one instance where this article was slanted. There was good reporting of facts sourced from public records. Since some person or persons associated with S.A. Police department, rather obviously to show support for Gregg Brockhouse by removing the already documented police reports, the article pointed out that those charges were alleged.

        Well sourced and well written piece. Some of you may disagree with the reporting. That does not make it less accurate.

        We all know, or should no, that in an organization such as the San Antonio Police Department with men wielding the power of life and death with their guns and badges, there are some who will cover up their dirty tricks.

  4. Did you write a similar article when Brockhouse first ran for city council? If yes, please share it too. If no, please stop the smear.

  5. Really happy that the Rivard Report is exposing this opportunistic loser. I don’t think San Antonio needs a mayor who hasn’t been paying child support, has held 10 jobs in 10 years, and beats his wife(s). A modicum of character & integrity are still necessary…. & this guy can’t even get over a fairly low bar.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The Richard report is starting to lean one way in their reporting which I despise as I am an Independent.

    • He is caught up on his child support. Where is the conviction of him “beating his wife(s)”, or are we not innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

      if you want to talk about someone who cannot get over a “fairly low bar”, think about why the smear piece is being done. Is it because the former mayor who was at least 31% less transparent than the last 4 mayors is falling behind?

  6. When the article says “fell behind” on his child support like it’s a phone bill or credit card debt, but then you remember children were depending on him to eat dinner. I wonder how a kid “catches up” on missed meals and school clothes? The guy can’t manage his own family, finances, or anger… how can he lead a city?

  7. Three marriages. Two divorces. Fell behind in child support payments. Four children to four different women. Domestic abuse. Is this a mayoral race or a Jerry Springer episode? It’s very obvious that this man is incapable of honoring his commitments. He tries to cast himself as a victim first. Then he tries to cast himself as a hero for doing what was required of him by law. The simple fact is that he is an awful person. As the adult child of a deadbeat dad, I feel I am qualified to say this.

  8. This article is done in poor taste. This mans personal family life is his own business and is absolutely none of ours to know or to hear or read about. Period. Its articles like this that could potentially affect this mans career in a way that would only make it more difficult to meet his child support guidelines. Shameful article, Mr. Ringo, Shameful.

    • You’re right. A candidate’s history of domestic violence shouldn’t matter…especially in a town that is in the grips of a domestic violence crisis. It’s unfair to even ask questions about it, much less write about it. How l dare you stoop so low Rivard Report? Shame on you!

      • I agree with Captain Sarcastic. Furthermore, the Rivard Report should write a story about Brockhouse’s lying ex-wife. How dare she say that he was at fault for the domestic abuse. What a father does to his family, stays with the family. Brockhouse should demand that she apologize to him and to their son for lying about the “so called” abuse. She was probably hitting him. Just because he likes to fight doesn’t mean he likes to argue and fight with women, it wouldn’t be fair. What’s next? The fact that the scoundrels at the Rivard Report have yet to write an article about how someone at the police department possibly cleared Brockhouse’s abuse report/record, in my opinion, points to how much they love the mayor. San Antonio needs to stand up for Brockhouse, I’m mean just because he likes to call people very loudly and very publicly about their lack of honesty, character, doesn’t mean it is fair to bring attention to things he’s been accused of. What has the country turned into.

  9. I do not like either Ron or Greg, and will vote for one of the ‘lesser’ candidates. But it should be said that this piece is bizarre, crossing that line from an article to an opinion piece. Are there journalistic standards for this site?

    I have started to call this site Incumbency Inc., because it really only exists to keep incumbents entrenched. San Antonio’s local media needs help.

  10. To father a child means much the same as to mother a child. It means to love and support, to be there for the happy times as well as the sad, to share dreams and comfort nightmares. It’s hard to do these things when an uncaring judge or a vindictive ex-wife insists that a divorced dad should spend only the first, third, and fifth weekend of each month with his kid.

    I will give Mr. Brockhouse the benefit of a doubt and assume he did these things with his children. Nevertheless, I think the phrase Kyle Ringo is looking for is, “has sired four children with four women.”

    That said, this article illustrates a double standard with regard to child care in Texas.

    If a custodial mother cannot make ends meet, the State is there to help her with the Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition Program; Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; Federal Housing Programs for Single Mothers; Supplemental Assistance for Needy Persons; the National School Lunch Program, and other forms of assistance.

    But if a noncustodial father cannot make ends meet, the State is there to file liens against him for unpaid child support, as in the case of Mr. Brockhouse. Other men are not so fortunate. The State has more draconian methods of squeezing money from impoverished fathers, such as revocation of licenses or jail. And then you have the media jumping in on the bandwagon to disparage the dad. Reporters seem to take glee in casting innuendos upon a man who is dead-broke, as opposed to dead-beat.

    What’s more, I believe domestic violence should only be an issue in a mayoral campaign if there is a conviction of a crime. In Mr. Brockhouse’s case, he was not even charged with a crime. I think it is deplorable for a candidate to sling mud at his opponent. It is even more deplorable for a reporter to do so.

  11. I only had one child with a woman who left me after 7 years of marriage . She got 20% of my check ($600 a month) and me and my mom still had to buy his clothes and pay for his outside activities. She ate steaks and drank wine while I had hamburgers and beer. So I have some sympathy for Mr Brockhouse. The important thing is that he is caught up and has met his obligations. But this article opens an old wound for me, that my son lived as a low income child while me and his mother earned substantial incomes. It is sad that it was more important for her to bitch at me for bringing him home 10 minutes late on my Wednesday visits than to make sure he had shoes without holes in them. One time i picked him up for a birthday party and he had wrapped one of his own toys to take as a gift. It was missing pieces. Mom wouldn’t take him to get a gift. This still breaks my heart just to think about it. I am so blessed to have a wife that busted him so we had time to stop and by his friend a real gift.

  12. so rivard report shows its true radical democrat party colors. this personal character attack has no relevance in regards to Mr. Brockhouse’s ability to govern effectively as Mayor of City of San Antonio. I thought the rivard report was distinguishing itself from the mass media by being investigative journalists w informed opinions rather than being a gossip, innuendo, rumor, biased publication, which so characterizes much of the media today….also why is this piece published today, the weekend prior to early voting starting on monday???…is that a coincidence???….very disappointed, i thought the rivard report would rise above the political swamp which characterizes so much of the media today….and especially with such excellent reporters, such as Mr. Rick Casey on staff….but this article illustrates why many citizens, like me are increasingly suspicious about anything reported to be news or public policy opinion from the media

  13. Kyle was it Robert or Ron, who wrote the last sentence in your article?

    Next week on RR: “Brockhouse failed to pay traffic citations in 1987”

  14. I suspect all of these opinions will bring out the RR damage control team… we will all be looking for the apology story.. thanks in advance!

  15. All this reminds me of life growing up with a broken family. It’s so true about there being more resources for mothers than fathers though. Rivards going the extra mile to humiliate brockhouse. If you all think your guy Ron is the best pick, the smarter more professional then trust he’ll be re-elected. Trust San Antonians. We can think for ourselves man. Stop dragging this guy through the mud every week. It’s exposing the struggles of broken families and there’s a ton of us in this city that come from that. Triggering emotions and we need to decide with reason not emotions. Your articles are usually informative. This week you’ve been wasting my time.

  16. I used to be an avid reader of the government & politics section of this website. There’s no need to visit the Rivard Report for that stuff anymore. Relegated to tabloid journalism. Honestly, Robert, do you think this is relevant? I’d be surprised if you had the courage to respond to any of the comments here, which (in a basically uniform way) realize how much deterioration has occurred at the RR. Beth Frerking was the best thing to happen to this website in a long time, and she stayed for what, six months? What you’re doing is, in my opinion, morally equivalent to (if not worse than) Nirenberg’s jabs about being the only real candidate in the race to pay property taxes. Smug elitism. Have you been to Greg Brockhouse’s home? Do you know his family? Are you fit to judge how this man conducts his personal life? Just pathetic. What a sad state of affairs when one of the best sources for journalism in town devolves into this. And, for goodness’ sake, I don’t even support Brockhouse. But I’ve formed that opinion based on policy matters. You’d do well to set a better example.

  17. Those of you who have met Greg will know that he’s a friendly guy. He freely admits that he’s made mistakes in his life. Whether or not those mistakes are disqualifying for him to serve in public office is a decision you get to make yourselves. It’s called democracy and it relies upon a free press.

  18. When you run for higher office you know your past will be exposed. If he believes so much in transparency why did he have a problem bring it up the domestic violence during the debates. When you’re running for high office it’s open season and you got to be ready to face the fire. It’s a matter of character and family obligation which this man clearly Lacks.

  19. At least Rivard includes a response from Brockhouse allowing him to respond and allow each of us to make up our own minds. If you really felt he was being biased one way or the other, he would have left that out. Give him a little time and he will also ask the tough questions of our current mayor. Or send him a list of things you would like answered, and I bet you he will get them.

  20. Very curious how many comments this story received. Certainly above the average and almost all of them follow the same talking points; this is a smear; RR is biased; personal life is unimportant. Brockhouse has made his family and personal morals a centerpiece of his campaign with his outspoken dissent on the Chik-Fil-A airport issue and the constant positioning of his (third or fourth) wife and his younger children. He has more posts in his Facebook feed about Chuck-Fil-A than any other topic. He can spare me his moral outrage when he is in wife number three (or four) and has four kids with four different women. I think his personal life is important if he wants to be Mayor. If he is elected will he be the first Mayor in SA history to get divorced during office or commit domestic violence or skip child support? No substance to Brockhouse – he just likes to be in the news. This story is on point.

    • Looks balanced to me. Politics can be a mean business. If Mr. Brockhouse is unwilling to explain his past actions, he should not have run for Mayor. Sometimes the best predictor of what a person will do in the future is what he has done in the past – not always.

  21. For those of you commenting that this is only a spear campaign, your true colors are showing that you are a Brockhouse supporter. All of his “misgivings and misfortune ” are public record. How many of you would come to the defense if it was the other way around. This man is not fit to lead our city, his personal life that is public record speaks volumes for the type of person he is. I could understand if it was one “misfortune” but there is a history here, no denying that.

  22. Given this candidates connections to the police and fire unions, I’m more concerned that a police report regarding domestic violence disappeared. Oops?!

  23. Looks balanced to me. Politics can be a mean business. If Mr. Brockhouse is unwilling to explain his past actions, he should not have run for Mayor. Sometimes the best predictor of what a person will do in the future is what he has done in the past – not always.

  24. I see it this way if he cannot make his child support payments how in the heck is he able to run and work as a mayor sine their pay from the city is only 40,000 per year weather mayor or city council person. unless he is looking to fix the books to cover his other obligation to his kids

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