9 thoughts on “Metro Health Dismissal Stirs Intrigue

  1. Good story. It is amazing how much money is made by soft drink companies. Huge. I recall a university I worked for received a large sum payment for the right of one brand to sell its products to the exclusion of others. One college campus was worth that much to them. Hate to think of these companies using their money to influence city policy, especially when obesity and diabetes are such major issues in San Antonio.

    • Aren’t you upset with the college for selling away your right to make a choice? Coke only “buys” Pepsi away at the college because the Dean is willing to be bought off. What do you think the Dean does with the money? Ever wonder? Does he buy brocolli for poor kids?

      If you really think “people” are so stupid that only YOU can protect them from themselves….can’t you say that outloud? Mommy doesn’t mind explaining that “she knows best” to her three year old.

      Be a proud Mommy.

      If you explain to people that they are stupid to buy sugary drinks rather than taking the choice away….maybe they will learn to reason in their self-interests. You are only reinforcing their instinct to choose the best feeling available choice.

  2. If I remember correctly, Schlenker is from the Upper Midwest, is he planning on staying here? I hope so, he seems like a talented driven individual helping SA health immensely.

    Fired for three remarks over two years? That is so thin at best. It makes me recall the $80k donation from Coco-Cola for the Labor Street Park renovation.

  3. This will be San Antonio’s loss. We need our Health Department to identify and try to greatly reduce, in our community, the causes of preventable sickness and death. The problem of sugary drinks causing obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome is almost a classic example of what has been dubbed “commerciogenic disease” — diseases and deaths that would not have occurred were it not for the aggressive commercial promotion of a product that is fundamentally unhealthy. Commercial interests should not be given a place at the table when it comes to protecting citizens’ health.

  4. This is so sad. Dr. Schlenker is a true living example of someone who really cares about our city. But as someone who recently applied for funding from Coca Cola…… they only fund initiatives that support health and fitness……just like tobacco companies supporting anti-smoking campaigns…

    • Well, it is so very simple. It’s all about PR. If a corporation supports enough feel good, be healthy, cultural enrichment projects, then people will simply forget what unmitigated crap the product is that they are manufacturing. Pavlovian response. Most of us are, after all, fairly simply wired.

      That’s great. I applaud these companies for supporting enrichment efforts in our community. Where my anger lies is with our public servants who allow these companies to dictate public policy. THAT is truly LAME. Paying attention Mayor Ivy?

      Perhaps Sculley has surpassed her “sell by date” and needs to be removed from the city shelf. Schlenker shouldn’t have been fired for speaking truth and advocating for our community health.

      And by the way, Councilman Krier, educating our populace regarding healthful choices isn’t promoting a “nanny-state.” This type of education is a positive investment in the future of our city. Sickness and poor health are expensive public policy challenges to address. Or hadn’t you noticed? Whether people choose to listen is still their choice. Period.

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