3 thoughts on “Freed Migrant Women and Children Find Refuge in San Antonio

  1. Hi Rocio

    Thanks for your reporting and volunteering. If you end up helping families book bus travel, consider that:

    Megabus can be substantially cheaper and faster than Greyhound on some routes – including last minute booking to Atlanta: roughly $95 by Megabus vs. $160+ by Greyhound this week booking online (much higher at the station). Megabus routes SA to New Orleans via Houston and then another bus from NOLA to Atlanta (with a waiting area in NOLA).

    Megabus also can address some of the transfer anxiety of riding Greyhound long-haul. ransfers tend to be where people can be stuck by all sorts of Greyhound mishaps (not understanding announcements or baggage transfer or lines, buses running late, overbooked buses etc). Megabus can have issues, too, but they at least tend to have less transfers and confusion (loading and unloading luggage is straight-forward – no tagging required).

    There’s also a Megabus route to Chicago and transfers east from there. San Antonio to Dallas and then another bus from Dallas to Chicago – roughly $105 last minute. From Chicago, an overnight bus to NYC for $65 (vs 218+ from SA to NYC by Greyhound).

    Long-haul buses can be FREEZING so make sure that families bundle up as best they can. Best of luck to all the families!

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