4 thoughts on “Mitchell Lake To Get $1.5 Million in Federal Funds for Wetlands Study

  1. What’s happening at Mitchell Lake is impressive. In addition to the Audubon Center programs, for those interested in getting a first-hand view of the eastern side of the lake, an excellent section of the Medina River Greenway runs about 3.5 miles from the Mission Del Lago Golf Course at the northeast end of the lake down to a trailhead at 14171 Pleasanton Road.

  2. Brendan,
    I have been following the Mitchell Lake stories. I reside in East Texas and come to SATX infrequently. Who might I speak with about the specific details of the wetlands development project? Thanks

  3. As a volunteer at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center (MLAC) I am aware that the center is one of San Antonio’s many tourist destinations as it is visited every month by Texans from outside of the San Antonio area, people from other states, and a few foreign visitors. In addition MLAC hosts many school children from San Antonio area schools during each school year providing them with valuable hands-on science that reinforces their classroom learning while giving them an outdoor experience that some would otherwise not have a chance to enjoy. The National Audubon Society, Texas Audubon, the local Audubon staff, the San Antonio Water System, volunteers, and the area birding community have created something wonderful and a great asset to San Antonio from something that once was a disposal site for the city’s sewage.

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